A review of the seminal work of Walter Russell

In the wave lies the secret of all creation

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

 "Within the Wave lies the secret of Creation"

If you want to know the wave then...  
Back Engineer a spiral Galaxy   

There are some details here.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Creator Mind administers Light-CPR

 The Creator Mind is intimately and intrinsically involved in every aspect of the Creation Idea.
The process of Thinking imbues every manifestation registered as motion with a life giving force.

The presence of this force is registered in and as matter.

Your very existence within the simulation depends on a direct connection to Source. Your ego may try and convince you otherwise, but the obvious lesson promoted by WR is that there is nothing 'out there' other than the effects of Mind's CPR.

Walter's philosophy is explored in more detail here.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Soul Mate

The concept of a soul mate now makes much more sense because you see reflected back to you from another an almost perfect match of your own spiritual self. The perfect union one can have is with oneself ! This occurs when the physical body is united with the spiritual self in death. The experience is blissful. Before the physical body reaches the point of death though, it can interact with another physical body which is deemed to radiate all the qualities of one's own spiritual body. A similarly blissful experience may be experienced while in the physical. This is what death is like. It is blissful, not in a sensed way but in a harmonious light filled way. Na unites with Cl to experience the zero voided condition in the here and now. If Na was left alone, it would over time decay and unwind back to the zero of Source. The whole point of mated opposites is to offer an opportunity to learn the true nature of death and the reproduction of the life principle.

A section of the 'metaphysical' page from the Walter Russell site.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Comet & Meteorite Material

If the ability to compress and heat matter in a cauldron sun waivers after the carbon octave, then the 'undissolved' material which is not radiated is just as likely the source of comet and meteorite material. Rather than comets and meteorites being dirty ice blocks their structure should be much more crystalline, hard, and composed of elemental matter above the 5th octave.

This 'undissolved' material becomes released into the great expanse of space as the original sun (cauldron) is unwound.

This is an extract from the WR site which attempts to explain how the 'undissolved' residues of unwinding sun's becomes the source material for comets and meteorites. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Double Slit Experiment Resolved

Combining the electric universe theories of Walter Russell and the theory of colours according to 
J vonGoethe, a simple and elegant explanation of the results of the DSE unfolds.

Read the details here !

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WRC teaches "That every action/reaction in Nature is voided as it occurs, it recorded as it is voided, and is repeated as it is recorded"

Herein lies the key to the apparent solidity and continuous aspect of Nature's growth sequences, when no such solidity and continuous aspect actually exists.

Try and answer the following question to help find that new way of thinking about cycles.
How many times has the physical body died as it accumulated potential and grew with increased vitality from birth to 40 years of age ?

It seems natural to say, that while there was some radiative/decaying processes in motion, they were outnumbered by vital/growing processes and therefore the overall affect was a positive growth pattern, and the body didn't die, in fact it grew.

Well, the physical body did die, millions of times. In fact, the physical actually disappeared from the simulated universe completely, such that the physical had no existance at all within the simulation. Can such a statement really be true, and could it be verified in any way ?

You see, you have to think differently about the transient growth cycle. That apparent expression of form and solidity appears and disappears as follows.

Let's express the birth of any cycle as a single cell. That cell comes into being from Stillness (projected) and makes its transient existance known. No sooner has this single cell made its entrance onto the Cosmic Stage when it unwinds, dies, and returns to Stillness. It then reappears HAVING GROWN to a two cell expression.
Once again, this two cell expression unwinds and returns to Stillness. Now, the expression is re-projected as the next expression of growth, namely, 4 cells...and so on, you get the picture.

What appears to your senses as a smooth growth cycle from birth to 40 years, is in fact no such thing, it is in fact a series of single 'frames'  running as if they were a movie.