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In the wave lies the secret of all creation

Friday, March 27, 2009

It is important to keep in mind that Gravitation is not a force in it's own right. It is an ELECTRICAL effect.
Walter makes very clear to us that all effects of motion in opposition have their CAUSE in motion in inertia.
The motion we perceive as our reality belongs to motion in opposition only.
Motion in inertia is inner mind of God.
God mind acts as the still fulcrum to all motion. The still magnetic fulcrum provides all the POWER of the Universe.

So CAUSE precedes EFFECT, and concept precedes idea.

This is important because people generally visualise the mass of the Earth deforming the fabric of space thus causing a 'gravitational' depression into which objects external to the Earth spiral.
In other words that mass is the cause of gravitation.

This theory does NOT fit the Russellion model.

Gravitation is exactly analogous with the electrical generative effects described in earlier posts. It is the centripetal inward spiral towards the apex of the cone or nuclear centre. This increase in positive potential attracts other positive potential (like attracts like). Radiation is the opposite effect of gravitation. The unequal balance bewteen these two opposites determines the gravitational pull or the radiative push of a body. The effects of gravity apply to ALL bodies atoms and planets.

Consider the planet Venus. It is a growing planet and therfore centripetal action is preponderant. Whereas a planet like Neptune is by comparison past it's maturity point (++4) and is therefore more tenuous in structure. Centrafugal forces being more preponderant.

So the gravity expressed by a body whether it be a light unit, atom, planet, or galaxy is CAUSED by it's electrical preponderance. Gravity precedes mass!

The current theory of a 'black hole' has no place in Russellion cosomology. The generative centripetal action of positive accumulation results in incandescence not 'blackness'. The point of maximum compression corresponds to the point of maximum repulsion. There is no point beyond which the electric propensity continues to exert it's force beyond the maximum point of magnetic repulsion.

Forget the concept of black holes as describes by current scientific dogma.

When Newton's apple fell to the ground it was the positive generating force of the apple which was attracted to the positive generating force of the Earth. The potential 'void' left behind by the apple was immediately filled by the radiative force of the Earth. As the apple decayed it changed the positive charge to a negative discharge, so the overall balance was maintained.

If Russell's model is correct then the measured value for 'g' should be higher (9.83217 ms-2) at the generative poles and less at the radiative equator (9.78039 ms-2). The electrical model is still holding.

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